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NADWOS PROJECTS marshals resources to generate projects that will help improve health conditions of the people of Ghana. Access to water, we believe is a basic human right. Providing sustainable, clean water systems, toilets, and hygiene education is the first step to ending the cycle of poverty, illness and inequality.

We work with our partners to help in the provision of accessible safe water to the Ghanaian populace especially the deprived zones; and equip communities with knowledge, skills and means to good sanitary practices. We believe this silent catastrophe of poor sanitation and non-potable drinking water will be solved when we build a community of concerned individuals and mobilize them to take simple, effective actions.

We continually evolve to make sure that our work is sustainable, innovative, relevant and effective.
NADWOS PROJECTS is a passionate champion of the role safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation play in improving health and education and reducing poverty.