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For any child to achieve his or her full potential, the foundational building blocks of good health and nutrition must be established even prior to birth. Approximately 9.2 million children under age 5 and 500,000 women die each year from preventable diseases and childbirth related causes. Millions more suffer marginalized health conditions that leave them vulnerable to recurring diseases and lock them into a poverty cycle.  According to UNICEF, under-nutrition contributes to 35 to 50 percent of deaths in children under age 5 in developing countries. 

NADWOS PROJECTS believes that,access to proper healthcare and education can improve the lives of many around the world.With our core objective of making strategic impact in peoples live ,we marshal resources to generate projects that will help improve health conditions of the people of Ghana.

We work in the area of Maternal and Child health,Child nutrition ,Medical outreach and Paying for surgeries of the underpriviledged.