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Following the relocation of water pipelines at the Tamale central market in the business district of the metropolis, some areas in the metropolis have been hit by water shortage.

This is as a result of the replacement of the existing pipelines with obsolete ones that cannot contain the pressure of water because of its rustiness.

The old pipelines were abandoned to “rot” at the booster station at Bagabaga after an earlier water expansion project 12 years ago.

Not long after its replacement, the outdated pipelines have developed cracks, with water gushing out of them, a situation which has forced the company to shut down the pipelines that supply water to Moshie Zongo, Worzhehi, and the central business district of the metropolis for almost a week now.

The Finder’s investigations have revealed that the contractor, Rocsam Limited, was contracted by the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) to do the relocation of the pipes to give way for them to carry out the construction of the market complex.

Three officers, including the Regional Distribution Manager, the Tamale East and West District managers, entered into an agreement with the contractor to relocate the pipes at a cost between Ghc40,000 to Ghc50,000, which includes the cost of the pipes.?Meanwhile, the contractor, in an interview with The Finder, said he contracted GWCL, being the authorised body to deal with issues relating to water supply, to do the relocation for a fee of Ghc7,700, but said he had absolute trust in them to deliver but was shocked at the recent developments.

Management, however, failed to meet the technical requirements of the relocation by going in for obsolete pipes given to the company as part of a contract given to it by BY Water Ghana to ensure the provision of drinking water for residents of Vitting, Kalarga, around the ring road and beyond.

The Finder’s investigations revealed the GWCL instead of buying new 15-inch Uvpc pipes, they picked the pipes By Water left for them, which was left to the mercy of the weather for almost 12 years and was declared obsolete by the management. This, according to technical men from GWCL, cannot support the pressure required in supplying water to the residents within the heart of Tamale.

The pipes, numbering about 13, were illegally picked from the booster station at Bagabaga in the evening on May 22, 23 and 25, this year.

The three officials shared proceeds from the sale and execution of the contract, and not even a dime was paid into the company’s chest, which violates Article 12.0 of the senior and junior staff Collective Bargaining Agreement. And at this time, management saw nothing wrong in engaging some junior staff to illegally work on the project at night.

According to the CBA of the GWCL, any officer who purports to act for/or on behalf of the company or commits the company to enter into any transaction or agreement for which he personally derives or is likely to derive some beneficiary interest shall be guilty of misconduct and shall be liable to disciplinary action.

The junior staff are, however, accusing the management of going contrary to the provision of the CBA, a provision the management has used in sacking and interdicting several junior staff.

The paper has also gathered that management is abusing the infrastructure levy of GH?100 charged on every new service seeker. Management is now charging infrastructural levy on every service and does not account for it.